My name is Maria and I am delighted to share some personal life information.

Who I Am

I am a continual work in progress.

My Needs – Family (2 legged and 4 legged), nature, like-minded people, humour, and a sense of wonder

Why – These keep me grounded, humble and connected to Spirit


My life teachers – Parents, siblings, children, grand children, life challenges, present and past soul mates, daily interaction with others, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Oprah Winfrey, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra and Michael Newton, just to name a few.  The list is ever-expanding.

Why – They are constantly providing opportunities or information for my soul’s growth


My life roles – Daughter, sister, best friend, aunt, wife, mother, grandmother, employee, business owner, teacher and life-long student

Why – These I chose to gain experience, patience and wisdom  

One of my first life roles.


My present occupations – Life Possibilities Coach and Health and Fitness Coach

Why – I feel I have valuable insights to share with those who are interested


My other life interests – music, reading, travelling, photography and jive dancing

Languages – English, cat-speak and horse-speak

Why – I enjoy constantly gathering information for my inquisitive mind through my sense of sight and sound and adventure


My spiritual practices – Gratitude, meditation, prayer

Why – To know my connection with God, myself and others.  To be aware of and live in kindness and success


Not one of these things define me but they are all a part of my life story.  My biggest life lesson is don’t give up or despair over the hard lessons some of my life choices have dictated. I CAN CHOOSE to travel a different earthly path that brings me more joy and confidence knowing that life just keeps getting better and can be everything I dreamed of!  I am also learning how to live with being a highly sensitive person and using that has an advantage to gain greater insight.