My clients seek me out not because they need me but because of what I can offer to them.  My clients are looking for that bit of inspiration within themselves that will once again put them back on the path of finding their joy in life and look forward to creating and living life adventures on their own playing field.

Remember all those secret dreams you had and thought were too impossible to achieve or too silly to talk to anyone about?  Well I am your non-judgemental sounding board with your complete confidence in total privacy maintained.

Remember all those goals (so close but yet so far) you never quite attained because you gave up on yourself?  I will be instrumental in constantly giving you a nudge where ever needed, help you to review your goals and see if they are still of interest to you and if so help you to find your confidence in reaching all goals you have made for yourself.

Please know I will laugh with you and not at you.  I will help you to get the last laugh (legally of course) if that is what it takes to bring you out of the dark and back into the sunshine of your life.  It is now your time to make choices from a place of power instead of pain.  

At my core I am a real woman who wants to work with real women because we are all in this together.  I want to share information that has made a life-changing difference for me that may make the difference for you as well.  

Now you can acquire the tangible results of being confident, courageous and motivated in living the highest expression of yourself.  You are no longer going to allow obstacles and excuses to interfere with creating your happiness.

As your mentor I am here to serve you so you do not have to rely on your own merit and determination.  I will coach you even when it doesn’t please you.  I will not be your “yes” person but your “go to” person for your connection, mentor, cheerleader, butt kicker and sounding board to help you to continue on your path towards your life’s quest.