Consulting Packages With You In Mind

Since I can only work with a limited number of clients at one time there is an application process which is an introductory call.  This call determines whether we are a good fit.  If not I have many colleagues who may be better suited for you and will be happy to refer them.

The reason I offer packages only is for your benefit which will better serve you.  You have been looking for answers for quite some time so one session isn’t going to make the good difference you are looking for.  Which of the following options suits you best?

If you are ready to get on with the rest of your life you are in the right place.  In exploring your life possibilities for greater happiness and fulfilment you receive all the valuable tools and assignments you need. I answer all your questions, discuss your successes and set new action plans for moving your life forward.  The areas you choose to explore and create differently will give you back the success of living the life you love which is priceless.  Instinctively deep down you know you are worth it.  You will know happiness when you are willing to realize and cultivate your own greatness, whatever that is for you.


  • This has been created for those who do not want to leave anything out.
  • This is a year personal plan with a three month break (July, August, and December off)
  • You receive three 1 hour consultations by phone per month.
  • You will receive the recordings of all your phone consultations.
  • You also have unlimited email support each month. I also will send out accountability emails if needed, with your reply expected.

There are four components to this program which will be covered.  These will be explored so you know how to change what is holding you back in these areas.  This plan ensures nothing is left out

All of these components cover your total well-being.  This is a chance for you to find your answers that you resonate with, to once again find joy and enthusiasm for your life.

  1. Physical – How in tune are you with your body? Is it time to investigate what is missing from your daily vitality?  What changes are you willing to make to achieve your ultimate physical health?  Are you dealing with new health issues that you may be able to improve on?  Are you willing to be proactive with your health, make good choices for your well-being and be responsible for implementing them?
  1. Mental – What is your attitude towards your life right now? Are you bored or overwhelmed? Are you experiencing the bliss of growth?  Where are you receiving your inspiration from?  When is the last time you had a good belly laugh?  Is it time to review your interests and maybe look for some new ideas to challenge yourself and make you feel alive again?
  1. Emotional – When is the last time you really got in touch with your heart? What feeling comes up for you that you give your attention to?  Do you feel light and free?  Are there feelings that you keep burying and often resurface? Do you want to feel grounded and loving towards yourself and others?  When do you make time for yourself and connect with your friends and loved ones?  Do you make time for fun?
  1. Spiritual – How does your spirit nourish you? What daily practices keep you connected with your Higher Power? How do you take a break from your ego to keep in touch with your greater meaning of life?  Do you live in alignment with your core beliefs and values?  Are you living the highest expression of yourself?

Bonus:  Personal Fine Tuning for any area that needs extra coverage for ease of living your chosen lifestyle.


This is perfect if you only want to focus on one particular area in your life.  You may feel the need to focus and develop one area more than another. You get to choose which component suits you best. 

  1. Physical – Is your physical health and fitness an issue at this time?
  2. Mental – Are you mentally bored or living in overwhelm?
  3. Emotional – Are you denying some of your feelings because you don’t want to deal with them?
  4. Spiritual – How nourishing are your daily spiritual practices?

Which component do you want to explore right now?

Each takes two months to complete.

  • You receive three 1 hour consultations by phone per month.
  • You will receive the recordings of all your phone consultations.
  • You also receive unlimited email support per month.


This is created for my clients who have completed at least 8 months of consultations in total.

I care about my existing clients and want to give them priority treatment. Every once in a while you might want to do some tweaking and need a sounding board to receive some honest feedback.  This is to ensure you keep moving forward in your life.

This is a one month plan.

  • You receive two 1 hour consultations by phone.