Q. & A’s.


  • Why are you the coach for me?

I know your story because I have been there and lived it.  Boy do I know how you feel!

I can help you take the lessons and experiences from your past and learn from them.  The intention of life is to keep growing and expanding.  That means to learn from the past, bring forward what does work and lose what no longer works.   I know what it is to linger and long for days gone by or continually question “why did this happen.”  It’s time to get over that and move on. 

Let me help you get clarity on the new amazing life that you can envision for your-self. Let me help you reclaim your self-esteem and gain back the confidence to live the life you were always meant to live. 

If you need someone to help see your life possibilities with a new perspective, I can help.  If you are ready to really see the best in yourself in areas where you are doubtful, I can help.  I really do have your long-term best interests in mind and feel responsible in helping you the best way I can.  Maybe it is just referring a good book or course to you, even another coach if we are not a good match for a working relationship.  Just know whatever it takes to move you forward in your life, I can help.  I want to celebrate your accomplishments, wins and successes with you as you experience them.


  • How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be a Life Possibilities Consultant?

Interestingly enough I did not start off as a Life Possibilities Consultant.  This was something that I just progressed into.   Let me share a bit of the story with you.

In 1998 I was able to immerse myself in one of my passions which was health and fitness.  I bought a fitness facility and to be of assistance to my clients I became a Certified Fitness Personal Trainer and Nutritionist.  I worked with clients who were just beginning to take seriously the benefits of developing their own individual health, fitness and nutritional program to enhance their lifestyle in a positive manner.   I soon found that each of my clients had an interesting life story to share complete with personal successes and challenges.  I learned just as much from them if not more because I was interested and took the time to listen.  Whatever personal topics were most in their upper mind were frequently addressed.  Jokingly on so many occasions they mentioned they were so grateful they didn’t have to pay extra for the counselling sessions.

In 2013 I sadly had to sell my business which played such a big role in my life.  Due to challenging health circumstances which I could not control I had to hand the business over to another who was very qualified and capable to continue to add more value and assistance to all of my existing clients.  Now my life was going to enter another new chapter.

For several years my physical health was slowly deteriorating and I was finally diagnosed to have a rare type of muscular dystrophy which there is no known cure for at this time.  I believe this was the way the Universe chose to redirect me in a new direction.  I now had to explore new life possibilities for which I still could use my personal strengths that no longer included muscle strength or fitness. 

Just as I was there for others I now had to be there for me.  I now had to ease my own stress when making another new important life decision.  I knew I did not want to be defined as a physical disability.  It was very humbling to know that physical fitness was no longer a part of me no matter how hard I had worked towards that end.   It made me take stock of what my real strengths were and it never was physical strength.  Who knew?

After doing a life review I realized that I was very often a confidant to so many because of my empathy.  I loved having one-to-one conversations and forming bonds of trust with others.  Maybe it was my personal interest in them and their story in a non-judgmental way that made them feel I could relate to them.  It wasn’t unusual for them to ask my opinion or thoughts on something and I certainly would be there for them when they were dealing with life challenges and problems.  I encouraged them to keep dreaming and exploring all their life possibilities that could return them to a more positive state of joy.  What I enjoyed doing for others I was able to do for myself.  So it was just natural for me, just like breathing, to metamorphose into a Life Possibilities consultant.


  • Who are your clients exactly?

My clients are women who are taking stock of their life.  They are successful in their career which is a plus but the rest of their life isn’t at all what they had once envisioned for themselves. 

They might be noticing new health issues which they now have to contend with.  Maybe they are living a very solitary life outside of their work environment.  They feel very little joy and enthusiasm for their life.  They have felt betrayal and know heartache.  They haven’t kept up with the friendships that they had made over the years because of physical distance or a growing difference in shared interests.  These women are now looking at the rest of their life which could be another fifty years and perceive very little to look forward to, even perhaps with some fear. 

They are now realizing it is now or never to explore new life possibilities.  Now is the time to start rekindling interest in what matters to them.  They feel an urgency to start appreciating and enjoying their life again within the new parameters they are faced with. 


  • How are you different from other consultants or coaches?

Although I have worked with a variety of different people over the years in the health and fitness industry,  I now ONLY work with women on a one -to-one basis. These women are willing to reclaim their self-esteem and gain back their confidence.

Making a commitment to work with those that I may have the greatest impact on which are those who want to make a change for themselves.  Changing you is not what I do but I do strive to be of assistance in helping you create a deeper and fuller life for yourself. 

I am an empath with the sensitivity to help you express what you are thinking and feeling now as well as discovering dreams which you may have hidden from yourself for quite some time.  Quite often it is very apparent to me what an individual’s interests, needs, talents, limitations and fears are.  I get great satisfaction working with others to achieve their goals and objectives and enable them to feel enthusiasm and excitement for their new life possibilities and opportunities. 


  • What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me?

You only need to apply if you are willing to look at your life with a totally new perspective.  Be ready to seek out the solutions that will create the life you no longer thought was possible to live.  Have the desire to STOP stagnation and take control of procrastination to move forward in your life once again.  Explore what your inner most motivations would be to create lasting change.  Finally decide to live a life that is authentic and true only to you.  Strive to be the person you respect and admire most and get ready to celebrate your accomplishments, wins and successes. 


  • Who is not going to benefit from your consulting or coaching practice?

Since I only work with a few clients in private one-to-one sessions, I am very selective with the women I will work with.  I can only be of assistance to those who are looking forward to creating a life of their dreams.

I do not work with women who are in a financial crisis and are constantly whining about their life circumstances.  If you are constantly going to make excuses why your life sucks and stay in a victim mentality mindset I know we will not work well together.  

You have to know beyond a doubt that you are worth the effort to make the life changes you desire. You have to be willing to invest the time and take ownership of creating whatever you envision for yourself.


  • What exactly do the consulting sessions include?

We explore your life possibilities so you can once again find joy and enthusiasm for your life.  Maybe you have already started incorporating desired changes in your life on one or more of the following components. 


  1. Physical – Creating an individual routine tailored to your fitness and health goals.
  2. Mental – Finding a balance in living an inspired and interesting life that you would love to live.
  3. Emotional – Giving attention to what matters most to your heart.
  4. Spiritual – Exploring your connection and daily practices with your Higher Power.


Maybe you haven’t started at all because you may be in overwhelm and just don’t know where to start.  Either way you will find that options can be tailor made for you and your preferences and interests because over time I have found that one size does not fit all.


  • Does this really work?

Well that all really depends on you.  If you are dedicated to do the work and aren’t looking for quick fixes you can create long term changes in your life that you will love.  I can only walk your chosen path with you for a while but you have to determine how and which ones you will follow.


  • How will we work together and what does each consulting package entail?

Since I can only work with a limited number of clients at one time there is an application process which is an introductory call.  This call determines whether we are a good fit.  If not I have many colleagues who may be better suited for you and will be happy to refer them.

The reason I offer packages only is for your benefit which will better serve you.  You have been looking for answers for quite some time so one session isn’t going to make the good difference you are looking for.  Which of the following options suits you best?

If you are ready to get on with the rest of your life you are in the right place.  In exploring your life possibilities for greater happiness and fulfillment you receive all the valuable tools and assignments you need. I answer all your questions, discuss your successes and set new action plans for moving your life forward.  The areas you choose to explore and create differently will give you back the success of living the life you love which is priceless.  Instinctively deep down you know you are worth it.  You will know happiness when you are willing to realize and cultivate your own greatness, whatever that is for you.


  • This has been created for those who do not want to leave anything out.
  • This is a year personal plan with a three month break (July, August, and December off)
  • You receive three 1 hour consultations by phone per month.
  • You will receive the recordings of all your phone consultations.
  • You also have unlimited email support each month. I also will send out accountability emails if needed, with your reply expected.

There are four components to this program which will be covered.  These will be explored so you know how to change what is holding you back in these areas.  This plan ensures nothing is left out

All of these components cover your total well-being.  This is a chance for you to find your answers that you resonate with, to once again find joy and enthusiasm for your life.

  1. Physical – How in tune are you with your body? Is it time to investigate what is missing from your daily vitality?  What changes are you willing to make to achieve your ultimate physical health?  Are you dealing with new health issues that you may be able to improve on?  Are you willing to be proactive with your health, make good choices for your well-being and be responsible for implementing them?
  1. Mental – What is your attitude towards your life right now? Are you bored or overwhelmed? Are you experiencing the bliss of growth?  Where are you receiving your inspiration from?  When is the last time you had a good belly laugh?  Is it time to review your interests and maybe look for some new ideas to challenge yourself and make you feel alive again?
  1. Emotional – When is the last time you really got in touch with your heart? What feeling comes up for you that you give your attention to?  Do you feel light and free?  Are there feelings that you keep burying and often resurface? Do you want to feel grounded and loving towards yourself and others?  When do you make time for yourself and connect with your friends and loved ones?  Do you make time for fun?
  1. Spiritual – How does your spirit nourish you? What daily practices keep you connected with your Higher Power? How do you take a break from your ego to keep in touch with your greater meaning of life?  Do you live in alignment with your core beliefs and values?  Are you living the highest expression of yourself?

Bonus:  Personal Fine Tuning for any area that needs extra coverage for ease of living your chosen lifestyle.


This is perfect if you only want to focus on one particular area in your life.  You may feel the need to focus and develop one area more than another. You get to choose which component suits you best. 

  1. Physical – Is your physical health and fitness an issue at this time?
  2. Mental – Are you mentally bored or living in overwhelm?
  3. Emotional – Are you denying some of your feelings because you don’t want to deal with them?
  4. Spiritual – How nourishing are your daily spiritual practices?

Which component do you want to explore right now?

Each takes two months to complete.

  • You receive three 1 hour consultations by phone per month.
  • You will receive the recordings of all your phone consultations.
  • You also receive unlimited email support per month.


This is created for my clients who have completed at least 8 months of consultations in total.

I care about my existing clients and want to give them priority treatment. Every once in a while you might want to do some tweaking and need a sounding board to receive some honest feedback.  This is to ensure you keep moving forward in your life.

This is a one month plan.

  • You receive two 1 hour consultations by phone.


  • Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, I use PayPal which will accept credit cards as well as other forms of payment.


  • Okay I know which program I want, how do I get started?

Great, just go to my website:  mariabreakwoodswap.com and set up an appointment by pressing CONTACT in the bottom right corner. We will set up a get acquainted call on the phone and go from there.  How easy is that?


  • If I’m not sure I’m ready to get started what would be the right solution for me?

I would suggest go to my website:  mariabreakwoodswap.com  and set up an appointment with me by pressing CONTACT in the bottom right corner.  We will set up a get acquainted call on the phone and go from there.  I am easy to talk with and we can soon determine what would be the right fit for you.


  • Ok, I’m ready to do this for myself, but I have a couple of additional questions. Can I call you?

Yes we certainly can have a chat.  Pleases go to my website:  mariabreakwoodswap.com  and set up an appointment with me by pressing CONTACT in the bottom right corner.  We will set up a get acquainted call on the phone and go from there.  I will answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.