You once were a free spirit and had everything in the world to live for. Now you are a cheerless woman who is quite often living in the past.   You still can’t believe the betrayals and heartache that you have experienced. You know you don’t deserve to be treated as if you are expendable and your feelings don’t matter.   You feel crushed and beaten down by experiences in your past.  You keep wondering what could you have done different to now be living the life of your dreams.  Worse maybe they were somebody else’s dreams that you had adopted and agreed to be a part of.  Regardless, you gave up so much, only to gain sadness and despair. 


Your life seems to have stalled and you are not moving forward.  Your life has been so intertwined and lived around others that you have lost touch with yourself.   You have lost your sizzle or zest for life.  The hopes and dreams you thought could be a reality at this time have all been shattered.  You are in fear that this might be the way the rest of your life is going to be. Living day by day with no vision of what life possibilities could now bring you meaning, inspiration and joy.  You have lost faith in yourself to create a different life you would love.  You no longer have the self-esteem and confidence in yourself that you once had.  You are now living a life you have come to detest.


Now is your time to “rise like a phoenix” from the ashes of your past.

Your primary focus needs to be to reignite that spark in your soul.  You need to take the time to explore life possibilities to revisit old and new dreams.  Now is the time to be completely whole again in all aspects of your life.  You can rebuild your life in a much grander version. Realize you can face anything.  Your life fears that you are now experiencing do not have to hold power over you. Your number one priority is to feel that sizzle not fizzle in your life again.   It is paramount that you feel the self-confidence and strength in your personal life that you do in your work life.  Know that it is not too late to become victorious over apathy and disappointment.  Your next life transition has to be successful for youBELIEVE in yourself and DO remember, the older we get the better decisions we make when not made from fear.  Yes, you are so worthy of living a life filled with enthusiasm, inspiration and meaning to continue living the highest expression of yourself.

Here’s to finding your free spirit again!